One week of intensive dialogues

Against the background of the World Health Assembly, and in support of the Food Systems Summit, WHO is opening a space for “Health talks” as an engaging opportunity to increase the awareness of people on how food systems and health are linked, and why food systems transformation is necessary to achieve health and well-being for all.  Among these health talks, there are sessions that are registered as independent food systems dialogues.



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Why do we need to talk about Health and Food Systems?

Because health cannot be an afterthought when food is produced, procured or consumed. We need a new narrative that brings together health, food systems and human rights. Food systems and health are integrally linked, and this link lies at the heart of human, ecosystem and animal health. Unhealthy diets have become a primary source of poor health, multiple burdens of malnutrition and environmental degradation worldwide, with glaring disparities between rich and poor.

Pathways to health

This week's programme follows these pathways. They depict how food systems influence health and are influenced by a range of complex factors arising from within food systems but also from outside food systems, including social, economic, environmental, and commercial determinants of health.

Occupational hazards
Unsafe and adulterated foods

Featured health talks

Our speakers